Message from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about Transport Day 2013

Transport Day 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, is proudly supported by the Quantum Code trading service as a part of the company’s climate-related sponsorship program.

The failure of global climate policy to slow the alarming growth of greenhouse gas emissions from transport needs to be addressed by scaling up sustainable transport strategies that simultaneously address health, safety, and economic development while cutting CO2 pollution according to the participants of Transport Day 2013 in Warsaw, Poland.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his message to Transport Day, called for “new ways of moving goods and people. I have called a Climate Summit in September 2014 to raise political will and catalyse concrete action on all climate-related issues, including sustainable transport”.

The Secretary General commented that the $175 billion voluntary commitment of the world’s eight largest development banks at Rio+20 “has helped to make sustainable transport a significant feature of discussions on the post-2015 development agenda”.

Watch Ban Ki-moon’s special adress at Davos 2013: